The Imaweb-IDF Group becomes Imaweb, a unique brand making 100%-digital customer journeys a reality

One year on from its creation, the Imaweb-IDF Group announces a strategic turning point in its history. Known for its customer relationship solutions and management software packages, the group recently acquired a number of companies specialising in digital automotive solutions to expand its strike force and portfolio of solutions. The group is now taking things one step further by combining its offering under a single brand: Imaweb. The aim is to capitalise on its expertise, embody the common platform it has established and strengthen its position as a European leader in digital solutions for the automotive industry.

The birth of a unique European brand, a specialist in the automotive sector
Officially launched on 21September 2020, this unifying brand is the result of a project initiated over 10 months ago under the leadership of Providence Strategic Growth, the group’s shareholder investment fund, for the purposes of strengthening its position as the European leader in digital solutions for the automotive industry.

To this end, the Imaweb-IDF (Datafirst-I’Car Systems) Group was created in 2019, following the convergence of Spanish company Imaweb and the French group Datafirst-I’Car Systems. This undertaking continued with an external growth approach culminating in the acquisition of the Dutch company IT Motive in November 2019, Spanish firmSerinfer in June 2020, followed by the French company TMS in July 2020. An inter-disciplinary leadership team has also been set up to facilitate the exchange and carry out joint projects under the Imaweb brand.

These new synergies and recent acquisitions are all aimed at increasing the group’s strength across an extensive geographic scope, providing a wider product portfolio (complemented by the solutions offered by companies recently re-joiningthe group) and enhanced innovation capabilities thanks to its 150 developers.

A strong European presence
With offices in Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as partners in 8countries, Imaweb products are distributed in 17 European countries.Every day, 500 employees (including 260in France alone) design, develop and market Imaweb’s products.Used by the largest automotive manufacturers and distributors alike, they equip some 65,000 end-users throughout Europe.
Imaweb’s present and future success comes from a strong capacity for innovation (investing 25% of turnover in R&D) and taking into account the expectations and specific requirements of customers in each individual country.

“We’re particularly proud of Imaweb’s origins, which symbolise our desire for development and our ambitions in the digital solutions market for the automotive industry. Our teams have been working on this wonderful project for several months now and the results are already being felt”,explains Aldo Mareuse, Managing Partner of Providence Strategic Growth.

“This new brand represents a real opportunity for our customers and for us. Our users will now benefit from more innovation and more internationalisation, while taking into account their local specific needs. Our vision is based on the digitalisation of the customer journey. This focus will help us move forward in the best possible conditions while maintaining the human approach that we’re known for”,concludes Patrick Prajs, President of Imaweb.

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