Stampyt’s Suite

Imaging technologies in the service of automotive management. Automotive performance through photography.

Discover our suite of applications in the service of automotive management. Find all of your activities in one single online platform. All of our technological building blocks are 100% digitally accessible. Welcome to the automotive digital revolution.

The strengths of Stampyt’s Suite

5 years of R&D in automotive digitisation

Professional automotive applications

We listen to your professional issues


More than 1800 dealerships use Stampyt in Europe.


Stampyt technologies are used in more than 10 countries.


More than 9000 daily Stampyt users.


Our Stampers are passionate about their role in digitising the automotive world.

Main features of the Stampyt’s Suite

Photo standard

• Optimise the time and quality during the shooting.
• No need for cables to import photos onto a computer.
• Quality and brand image.
• Let the Stampyt Auto app on your smartphone guide you.


• The 360° interior and exterior format is an excellent asset for an online sales presentation.
• An innovative and immersive format.
• The technical installation is fast and simplified. We automate the flow so that smartphone content can circulate to the web quickly.


• The video reveals a vehicle from every angle.
• Create personalised videos and offer a powerful and instant client experience.
• Put the human and professional element of retail at the heart of automotive sales with a “vehicle pitch” on the video.


• Optimal streaming for all of your vehicles, thanks to very high quality content.
• Automate the streaming of photos, 360° and videos to your online platforms.
• Publications can be personalised for each of your different platforms. Keep control of your brand image.
• Multi-content offers your online customers a complete visualisation experience.

The Stampyt’s Suite Solutions


Promote all of your vehicles and rev up the potential of online sales.
Simple and connected solutions, for used vehicle photo management and to promote profitability.
– Photo standard.
– Smart photos.
– 360° exteriors & interiors.
– Vehicle video.


Automatic document digitisation. Digitise your documents automatically within the digital safe of each vehicle.
Digitise all your processes with a centralised and automated electronic document management (EDM) solution.
No need to print any more documents, all your documents are automatically filed via the “O°printer” technology in the digital safe of each vehicle, secured by the blockchain O°code.

Stampyt’s Suite is a component of the Imaweb platform


The DMS that accompanies you in your growth and your international deployment.

DataCar DMS

The DMS that adapts to the organization of your dealership Group and allows you to deliver better customer services.

Eris Motors DMS

The Dealer Management System (DMS) specialised in Automotive Dealership Group networks in France.


The Dealer Management System (DMS) specialised in Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Porsche networks in Spain and Portugal.