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Boost your online sales thanks to quality ads

Remarketing is a mobile application wich allows you to automate and improve the quality of your photos, videos and 360°

Stay in control from your shots to distribution on your digital platforms, web tools and infomediaries.

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Remarketing Benefits

Automate your photo shootings

5 min per shooting vs 20min without Remarketing.

Improve the quality of your ads

3x more clicks per ad

Stream to all your platforms with one click

2x more calls per vehicule

A high european adoption

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More than 2500 customers point in Europe

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The technology is used in more than 10 countries

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More than 9000 daily users


I appreciated the responsiveness of Nextlane to create and change our new photo process for publication. I would add that Nextlane is attentive to the various requests for development in order to perfect its products »

LUC BILLAUD - Used car buyer VO - Chopard Group

Main features

Inside and outside cropping

Thanks to artificial intelligence, crop automatically your
vehicules in a controlled environment. Each background is customizable (concession storefront, wall, etc.)


Interactive immersion around and inside the vehicle It is also possible to add hotspots to show additional details or options.


Make a car video presentation quickly and easily.
Editing, music and animations are automated

Licence plate cover

Automatically hide license plates thanks to the artificial intelligence. The automatic plate cover is customizable according to the dealer point or the brand.

Quality check

Cropped photos are verified by our operators.
If the photo is not qualitative,
an e-mail is sent to the user in order to improve the next shots


Monitor and manage your activity thanks to key performance indicators such as the number of photos with defaults, the average photo-taking time per vehicle.

Connect all your digital solutions with Nextlane, our open integration platform

Nextlane is a secure integration platform designed for the automotive industry that connects dealer management systems to OEM and third party solutions..

Nextlane is specifically designed to accelerate digitisation projects in the automotive industry by providing a secure, centralised and consistent way to access our various applications through open APIs. ​

This platform simplifies the integration of Nextlane's DMS and digital solutions with all other systems used by automotive dealers and OEMs

Accelerate your projects

Reduce the time needed to integrate all your solutions

Increase efficiency

Eliminate duplicate entries and the risk of errors

Secure your data

Meets your business and security requirements

Simplify maintenance

Open and documented APIs