Solutions for Car Manufacturers

Solutiuons for Manufacturers Nextlane

Solutions for car Manufacturers

We work with carmakers to develop solutions that help them boost their sales and marketing.

Over the years, we have built the largest catalogue of interfaces to connect OEM solutions to the systems used by their dealer networks and workshops. With our Nextlane integration platform, you can seamlessly connect all your solutions to unify the operations of your networks into one efficient system

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CRM Auto Sales

CRMAuto Sales

This application provides comprehensive information on your sales activities, from offers to test drives and signed contracts. With CRMAuto Sales, you can effectively manage your sales pipeline, track customer interactions and make informed forecasts, all in a single solution.

It’s not just a CRM, it’s your dedicated sales assistant. It allows you to offer your customers your entire catalogue of new and used cars and vans.

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CRMAuto After Sales

CRMAuto AfterSales is designed specifically for car manufacturers and helps you to improve the efficiency of your dealerships by controlling the entire after-sales process.

This solution gives you complete visibility of the activity of your workshop network, helping you to increase sales and build customer loyalty by creating a unique experience.

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CRM Alter Sales Nextlane

Get more value by connecting these,
 applications to our Digital Solutions

Digital signature Nextlane

Digital Signature

Give your customers the option of signing any document, wherever they are. Discover Digital Signature


Remarketing is a mobile application which allows you to automate and improve the quality of your photos, videos and 360°.  Discover Remarketing
Remarketing Nextlane
Carswip Nextlane


Optimize your car ads with AI while improving the image quality of your cars.

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BI360 offers a lot of reports and dashboards enabling you to immediately exploit the power of your data. Discover BI360
BI360 Nextlane