The control of your brand image on the internet is a precious asset to generate leads.

Discover LiveStore: the digital platform dedicated to vehicle dealerships. LiveStore is the web software designed to digitize your dealership. Today, the Internet plays a key role in capturing prospects to potentially grown NV and UV sales. The Internet is also a reference channel for digitalizing your customer relationship, for example, for making Workshop appointments.

The strengths of LiveStore

A potential lead generator

Easily controlled by your marketing team

Scalable and modular

The benefits of LiveStore

A web platform that evolves with the market

In order to meet the growing demand for a “near-reality” experience, in particular, as regards estimates of trade-ins, booking a workshop appointment online, or 360° videos of your vehicles.

A design in accordance with the current standards of manufacturers

To reassure your Internet user while meeting the requirements of multiple manufacturers.

A platform that adapts to your needs

Thanks to an architecture designed to satisfy both single-brand and multi-brand dealers, large and small.
This product offers 2 versions (light and advanced) to best meet your needs.

Your inventory updated automatically and in real time

On your web site thanks to an optimal customer experience via tablet or smartphone.

Main features of LiveStore

Estimated trade-in value for UVs

• Estimate given in only 2 minutes for your prospect.
• Possibility to activate trade-in conditions by make, model and mileage to optimize your trade-ins.
• Leads automatically transferred to your salespeople through your CRM.

Generating Leads

• Specific and dedicated modules for the automotive industry to facilitate and increase lead generation.
• An easy-to-use back office to easily create pre-filtered pages of your inventory that you can use to run your marketing campaigns.

Automatic inventory publication

• The inventory presented on your site is automatically categorized and published in real time on your web site.
• No manual action is required on your part to update the inventory on your web site.

Integrated Financing Module

• Generate leads via the integrated financing module.
• Module linked to banking institutions in real time to offer financing on the page of each vehicle based on the price of the vehicle.

LiveStore is a component of the Imaweb platform

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Business intelligence for automotive distribution


The DMS that accompanies you in your growth and your international deployment.


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DataCar DMS

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CRM 360

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