IW Academy

Keep your team trained in a better way, at a lesser cost!

IW Academy is the training solution developed by Nextlane to train teams on the proper use of the tools available at a car dealership (DMS, CRM, etc).
Either you are an accountant or a receptionist, your employees are facing different training needs, which can all be addressed by Academy.​
Are you ready to see your training expenses being diminished?

The strengths of IW Academy

Easy to use interface, even for complete beginners

A scalable solution for small dealers to large international groups

The latest innovations in the training field

The benefits of IW Academy

Lower training costs.

On-line training is less expensive since it doesn’t involve travel and lodging costs.

Flexibility in training management.

You can choose exactly when you want to do your training, and at which pace.

Productivity improvement.

The more your teams know how to use a tool, the better they will be in their job.

Dynamic and evolutive platform.

Like a car, our solutions are tailored made for you!

Main features of IW Academy

Modules dedicated to the functions and tools specific to the automotive sector.

Training updates: our courses are always updated automatically. You will always be up to date and standards.
Multi-platform: smartphone, tablet, laptop. You can train everywhere! 

Personalised monitoring of your individual and team performance. 

And many other features such as: ​
• Quiz and validation of skills. ​
• Webinars exchange. ​
• Multi-language. ​
• Adaptation to your graphical image (main colors, logo, etc.).

IW Academy is a component of the Nextlane platform


The CRM designed for automotive manufacturers and their network

DataCar DMS

The DMS that adapts to the organization of your dealership Group and allows you to deliver better customer services.

Digital Signature

Authenticated and secure signature

BI 360

Business intelligence for automotive distribution


The DMS that accompanies you in your growth and your international deployment.

AfterSales Assistant

Your after-sales service available on mobile and remote

Digital Invoice

Digital Invoice is a multi-channel module directly integrated within your DMS allowing you to benefit from the digitalisation, distribution and archiving of all your customer invoices.​

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