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Kobra II DMS

The most complete dealer management system on the market

Kobra II is the leading dealer management system in Sweden, used everyday by more than 250 Swedish vehicle dealerships.
It is a scalable system that you can grow with, making it suitable for both small and large car dealers and workshops.

One of the great advantages of Kobra II is its unique brand integration. It works with virtually all brands operating on the Swedish market. Our partnerships with many other players in the sector complement Kobra II.


Kobra II DMS benefits

Manage all your vehicle sales

Kobra II handles all sales and purchases of vehicles. It provides an overall picture of your total vehicle sales and control over the results. The system supports you when ordering, warehousing and delivering to customers.

Increase workshop profitability

Create quotations and orders, reserve parts, create documentation for mechanics, collect customer payments and manage insurance and warranty issues. Receive automatic purchasing alerts in the event of parts shortages. Inventory control function helps avoid costly overstocking.

Monitor dealership performance

Every morning, take the pulse of your business with Kobra II dashboards and get a quick overview of your company’s sales, productivity and efficiency. Immediately visualize any deviations or major changes.

Main Features


Sales and vehicle administration

Kobra II supports you in setting up and managing your vehicles, from enquiry to order to warehousing and delivery to the customer. Up-to-date price lists from general agents reduce the risk of miscalculations.


Financial modules (accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable) provide a complete financial system, or interface with your existing financial system. The advantage of using Kobra II’s own financial modules is that they are specially designed for the automotive sector.


Create cost estimates and orders, book parts, create documentation for technicians, take payment from customers and handle insurance and warranty issues.

Drive your dealership performance

Manage your company’s performance by providing your employees with performance indicators that enable them to analyze activity levels on a daily basis.

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Nextlane solution DMS

Connect all your digital solutions with Nextlane, our open integration platform

Nextlane platform is specifically designed to accelerate digital projects in the automotive industry.

It provides a secure, centralized and uniform way to access our various applications through open APIs. It simplifies the integration of Nextlane’s DMS and digital solutions with all other systems used by automotive dealers and OEMs.

It’s architecture is OPEN, MODERN, FLEXIBLE and SCALABLE.

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