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Speed up your vehicle inspection processes.

Inspect is a mobile application that allows you to document the vehicle’s condition in order to estimate their value when a trade-in takes place and to serve as evidence for vehicles entering in the workshop.

Inspect offers two modules to address sales and after-sales needs.

Inspect Trade-in uses artificial intelligence to automatically estimate the reconditioning cost of used cars and generate a trade-in offer at the right price.
Inspect After Sales instantly records the condition of vehicles entering in your workshop thanks to videos that can be used as an indisputable proof in case of a dispute.


Inspect Benefits

Automatic video damage detection​

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can precisely estimate damages and define the right trade-in price in just a few seconds.

Avoid customer complaints

Archive your videos in a secure cloud accessible from your DMS.

Generate trade-in offers

Send your customers a ready-to-use trade-in offer for all eligible vehicles entering the workshop.

Main features


Automatic video damage detection​

Automate damage detection thanks to artificial intelligence​.

Vehicle trade-in proposal​

The application takes into account the vehicle’s market price and reconditioning costs to generate a ready-to-use commercial proposal.

Storage in the cloud

Store all the vehicle inspection reports coming into your workshop in a secure cloud.

Reverse appraisal

Secure the Used Car trade-in by comparing the initial analysis in the sales proposal with a final inspection carried out on the trade-in day at the dealership.

Integrated with your DMS​

Instantly create the vehicle file thanks to native integration with your Nextlane DMS.

Vehicle Health Check (VHC)

Systematise vehicles’s inspection and identify the elements requiring a repair complementary to the initial repair order.

Validation workflow​

Create a validation workflow allowing managers to validate the trade-in estimate proposed by the sales person.


Access to Nextlane Inspect from your smartphone or tablet.

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