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Streamline your dealership’s digital transformation in Germany with our integrated IT solution.
Ecaros DMS enables fast and highly efficient business processes in everyday car dealership operations, thanks to innovative development and comprehensive range of interfaces.

Ecaros Benefits

Modular overall solution

The Ecaros DMS is perfectly tailored to the needs of multi-brand companies.

Innovative Development

A clever architecture enables high reliability and unlimited scalability.

Wide range of interfaces

Ecaros offers an extensive range of interfaces to many well-known brands and external partners.

Main Features

Financial accounting (SKR51) - Certified according to IDW PS 880

• Simple handling, traceable and convenient bookings, real-time booking.
• Analyses and data are available immediately and make day-end closing superfluous.
• Integrated dunning system. Totals and balance lists as well as profit and loss accounts or business analyses at the touch of a button.

CRM (Lead and Campaign management)

Use your database in Ecaros for customised, targeted and recurring customer campaigns. Whether master data, order data, history data or tyre storage data:
All information stored in Ecaros can be selected and organised into an evaluable campaign.

Workshop planning

For your perfect scheduling and capacity planning! Cover all the complex needs of workshop planning with a single, easy-to-use solution: Global appointment calendar, appointment reminders, appointment invitations by e-mail, capacity planner, vehicle availability (loan/replacement vehicles), holiday planning incl. holiday request, and much more.

Time recording (Time recording with mobile app)

The time recording module enables the company to accurately record all attendance and absence times as well as productive and non-productive times. It allows complete and traceable documentation. It is audit-proof and can be used as proof of time for your warranty claims.

POS system

• Very powerful, intelligent and easy-to-use software module for use at the sales counter.
• Fully integrated in Ecaros.
• Brings order and speed to processes at the checkout. Naturally with TSE.

Tyre storage

It is the optimum solution for the efficient storage and management of tyres. It includes, for example, direct access from:
• order processing
• vehicle management
• the master data

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"We are very satisfied with the system. Otherwise I would not have recommended it to others. I really like how flexibly and promptly Imaweb responds to suggestions for improvement and implements them. A system that is fun to use!"

Nextlane solution home nextlane platform
Nextlane solution DMS

Connect all your digital solutions with Nextlane, our open integration platform

Nextlane platform is specifically designed to accelerate digital projects in the automotive industry.

It provides a secure, centralized and uniform way to access our various applications through open APIs. It simplifies the integration of Nextlane’s DMS and digital solutions with all other systems used by automotive dealers and OEMs.

It’s architecture is OPEN, MODERN, FLEXIBLE and SCALABLE.

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