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The Dealer Management System that adapts to your needs.

Datacar DMS is well suited to multi-company and multi-site dealerships, as well as importers. The solution can be installed on premise or hosted in the cloud, making it easy to maintain and to upgrade.


Datacar benefits

Fully customizable

Dealers can fully customise documents, settings, and processes to ensure their DMS fits their business. Users can also save their favourites to find their key functions more quickly.

Flexible reporting system

The included reporting system gives a perfect visibility on the performance of your dealership activities: sales of new or used cars, after sales services, spare parts… Simply configure your own reports and export them to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Multi-language support

Datacar natively supports many European language, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

Main features


Sales of NV & UV

  • Manage your vehicle inventory visualizing intra-group movements.
  • Handle the buying and selling of new and uses vehicles, including test drives.
  • Publish your vehicle adds to various classified sites.

After-Sales Features

  • Datacar provides all functionalities to run your after sales workshop, managing repair.
  • Orders, costs (parts and labour), resource planning, task scheduling, and invoicing.

Spare parts management

Datacar uses numerous OEM interfaces to give your mechanics direct access to spare parts lists and availability.

Directly buy and sell spare parts, manage centrally your stock with inventory count, intra-group movements and Weighted Average cost valuation (WAC).

Accounting management

Datacar automatically exports accounting entries to the accounting system you use, making accounting management more reliable in line with the legal requirements specific to each country.

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Nextlane solution DMS

Connect all your digital solutions with Nextlane, our open integration platform

Nextlane platform is specifically designed to accelerate digital projects in the automotive industry.

It provides a secure, centralized and uniform way to access our various applications through open APIs. It simplifies the integration of Nextlane’s DMS and digital solutions with all other systems used by automotive dealers and OEMs.

It’s architecture is OPEN, MODERN, FLEXIBLE and SCALABLE.

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