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Vehicle Information Provider

By Bilvision
Valid for Kobra II , Kobra II CRM
In Sweden
Bilvision Nextlane partner

Bilvision offers information services for workshops, vehicle dealerships, rental businesses and more

Bilvision gives you access to vehicle information and direct access to vehicle registration services from the Swedish Transport Agency. This makes it easy to manage changes of ownership or conduct information searches. Bilvision also offers tools that simplify, and quality assure your daily work, as well as functions for statistics and follow-up of both your and the market’s sales.​


Key features

  • Direct access to the Swedish Transport Agency’s road traffic register (VTR)
  • Monitoring tools and statistical reports both for your business and the rest of the market​
  • Links to other players in the automotive industry; Dealer Management Systems (DMS), CRM systems, insurance companies, financing solutions, workshop systems and guarantees

Key benefits

  • Simplifies and gives you better control of your processes​
  • Facilitates decision-making​
  • Supports you on your way to more and better business


As the leading information platform for the Swedish automotive industry, Bilvision delivers data that helps customers gain more control, better insights, and more sales. The company simplifies and automates processes and offers customers services that save time, are easy to use and provide the right information.​