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Marketing Platform

By NG Dialogue
Valid for Kobra II
In Sweden
NG nextlane partner

NG Dialogue’s offers a wide range of digital tools to help you handle customer engagement in every step of the customer journey​

Using email, SMS and landing pages for marketing campaigns and automation, you can create engaging experiences for your customers that foster loyalty and improving growth.​


Key features

  • Landing pages​
  • Automations​
  • Customer segmentation​
  • Brand alignment​
  • Dedicated digital advisor​
  • Emails​
  • SMS​
  • Analytics

Key benefits

  • Connect – Enable genuine interactions and deepening relationships with every user​
  • Engage – Dive into rich conversations and foster active participation​
  • Automate – Automate your communication processes​
  • Collect – Collect invaluable feedback and let our surveys guide the path forward​
  • Activate – Harness the power of our platform, turn insights into action

NG Dialogue

With our system, you have access to a wide range of digital tools that will simplify existing systems on several platforms. Regardless of size or industry, you will handle engaging with your customers in every aspect.​

By using our expertise in technology and system development, the software creates our unique and user-friendly systems so that you as a company can more easily follow the customer journey from becoming a customer, to being a loyal ambassador.