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By ChamberSign Sverige AB​
Valid for Kobra II
In Sweden
ChamberSign Sverige AB​ Nextlane partner

CSign allows you to send documents for digital signing with everything you need to verify what has been signed and by whom​

The CSign platform offers several packaged processes that can automate and digitize a contract flow and are ready to use in one day. If you want to automate all types of contract processes, there is also a fully customized solution that gives you a 100% paperless contract process.​


Key features

  • Legally binding digital signature for the pan-European market​
  • Seamless integration with Kobra II DMS​
  • Fully automated with extensive digital process support

Key benefits

  • Legal validity for private and B2B signature​
  • Efficiency and automation​
  • Auditability

ChamberSign Sverige AB​

ChamberSign offers a completely paperless and digital contract process through the CSign platform. ​The company is a part of DevCode Group.