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Contact Module

By Marketing FX
Valid for iCar
In Netherlands
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With Contact Module, you can design the perfect communication for your clients. From the first contact to the last, you can visualise the customer contact moments and have an adapted message for every occasion​

For each moment of contact, we determine together the ideal way to communicate with your customer and its automation, based on your available data, processes and colleagues. We do this by customer type.  We write texts for your email, text message, or call script. We design your communication and link it to the customer’s desired action (call to action). Your new contact moments are implemented in the Contact module and we closely monitor the impact of your new Personal Customer Journey.​


Key features

  • Automated communication based on customer data​
  • Multi canal communication : mail, SMS​
  • Planning of very targetted campaign​

Key benefits

  • Manage all communication moments with your customers and prospects​
  • Fill your workshop with very targetted after-sales campaigns​
  • Your team has more time to take car of the customer​

Marketing FX

Marketing FX is working with many dealer groups and Manufacturers in Benelux and Ireland. It manages more than 1 million contacts per year with automotive customers.​