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Athoris Automated autorisation

By Athoris
Valid for Datacar , iCar
In France
Athoris nextlane partner

Athoris is the ultimate web-based solution for repair quote authorisation, management, and invoicing for SMR for Fleet

Connecting to Athoris means you can obtain repair order validation for fleets online, reducing the time taken to manage repairs.

Athoris connects seamlessly with leasing companies, fleet operators, suppliers and repairers.


Key Features

  • Estimates can be approved automatically using a sophisticated rules engine.
  • Automated communication between repairer and fleet and leasing customer.
  • Generates electronic and dematerialised invoices containing only authorised items.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate approval for the majority of the work orders saves you time and allow to plan the work.
  • Contract rule are automatically applied, reducing payment disputes.
  • Dematerialised invoicing.


Athoris is an application of OEC. OEC connects repairer and fleet operators across the world to streamline the workflow of service, maintenance and repair work. OEC portfolio faciliates over 100 million transactions per year.