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Nextlane Platform

The Automotive Open Integration Platform

Nextlane Platform is a secure, integrated platform for the automotive industry that connects dealer management systems to OEM and third-party solutions.​

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Gives you a standardized access to Nextlane’s DMS and CRM data and allows you to integrate our digital solutions in your developments thanks to Nextlane’s extensive interface catalogue.​

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Why use the Nextlane platform to accelerate your integration projects

A key pain point to accelerate the digital transformation in the automotive industry is to deal with multiple solutions not communicating well together. Nextlane addresses this challenge by providing a single, centralised, cloud-based integration platform which simplifies the communication between all the solutions used by OEMs and dealers.


The communication architecture is compatible with existing systems, whether they are dealer management systems installed on local servers or newer software hosted in the cloud. The APIs are not dedicated to Nextlane software alone but are designed to be used by other applications.​


Based on Microsoft Azure, developement work is accessible by a large community of trained developers. This environment is continually enriched benefiting from the most recent technologies. ​


Designed for the automotive industry. Ensures the interoperability of all the software necessary for a car dealership: DMS, CRM, ERP manufacturers, business applications. ​


NextLane easily integrates any existing Nextlane product today, and any future acquisitions, with OEM and dealer systems.​

Connect all our digital solutions with Nextlane our open integration platform

Nextlane is a secure integration platform designed for the automotive industry that connects dealer management systems to OEM and third-party solutions.

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Nextlane is specifically designed to accelerate digital projects in the automotive industry.

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It provides a secure, centralized and uniform way to access our various applications through open APIs and simplifies the integration of Nextlane’s DMS and digital solutions with all other systems used by automotive dealers and OEMs. ​

Accelerate your projects

Reduce the time needed to integrate all your solutions

Increase efficiency

Eliminate duplicate entries and the risk of errors

Secure your data

Meets your business and security requirements​

Make maintenance easier ​

Open and documented APIs​

Nextlane platform Benefits

Accelerate time to market​

Implement new interfaces outside the DMS so that they can be deployed as soon as they become available.​

Reduce integration complexity​

Interface your solution to Nextlane to connect it with your DMS & CRM.​

Cloud deployment​

Deploy new interfaces in the cloud without requiring a DMS update.​

See how the Nextlane platform can speed up your transformation projects

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