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  • 15/09/2023

Salesforce announce strategic partnership with Nextlane

Salesforce partners with Nextlane

Press Release

San Francisco, September 13th: Nextlane, the European leader in digital solutions for the automotive industry, is thrilled to officially join forces with Salesforce, the third largest software company in the world and CRM global leader. This partnership has been announced today at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual event which brings together trailblazers from all over the world to share visionary thinking, best practices, and inspirational gathering, during the Automotive Cloud Keynote.

This is a huge milestone for both companies which have been working on this partnership for months. The goal is to provide to customers best in-class Automotive Cloud and digital automotive solutions, both to OEMs and dealerships, to adapt to a quickly evolving global automotive landscape.

This partnership includes several major components:

The major milestone, announced today during Dreamforce, will bring Salesforce and Nextlane worlds together! Nextlane’s digital solutions will indeed be connected through the Nextlane Platform, Nextlane’s open integrated and cloud-based platform, as well as through the Mulesoft connector and standardized automotive data model. This key integration capability will allow Salesforce’s customers easily access Nextlane’s digital solutions, including DMS’s, and vice versa.

Also, Nextlane’s digital solutions portfolio will be accessible from Salesforce AppExchange. The AppExchange is the cloud marketplace where customers can find apps pre-integrated with Salesforce. This proven ecosystem with millions of installs and customer reviews helps Salesforce’s customers from the automotive industry to find the perfect business solutions and accelerate their digital transformation.

“Bringing together Salesforce Automotive Cloud current capabilities and continuous innovation with the expertise, experience and automotive specific product portfolio of Nextlane, is the best way to deliver a world class value proposition to our customers.»

Jean-Louis Baffier

Chief Revenue Officer at Nextlane

«Our customers need a world class Automotive Cloud, and they also use business solutions such as a DMS and other complementary digital automotive solution. Our Mulesoft integration layer enables ecosystem partnerships, so we’re thrilled to work with leading providers like Nextlane, especially with our new EU Operating zone also announced today. »

Rajani Sinha

Senior Director, Automotive Industry Solutions and Strategy, at Salesforce.