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  • 21/05/2024

Nextlane and Salesforce collaborate to enhance their automotive customer experience

Press Release

Paris, May 2024 – Nextlane has joined Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange to offer a more integrated business solution to digitalize the automotive customer journey. With Salesforce, a leading technology platform trusted by many automotive OEMs and dealers, and Nextlane, known for its expertise in automotive distribution, this collaboration represents a significant advancement in digital transformation for the automotive sector. 

At the core of this new offering lies bi-directional integration between Salesforce and Dealer Management Systems (DMS), ensuring data accuracy and accessibility across all facets of the OEM organization and distribution network. 

What is Mulesoft Anypoint exchange?

Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange is a platform that offers a library of assets, including APIs, connectors, templates, and examples, facilitating integration and collaboration among developers. It streamlines the exchange of data and resources, enhancing the efficiency of digital transformation initiatives within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

What does this new offering bring to customers?

Data has become essential for every company. It needs to be accurate and available to all parts of the OEM organization, and even beyond to the distribution network. OEMs and Dealers want to avoid inconsistencies between their multiple systems, especially between their CRM platform and their DMS. No matter where the data is updated by whom, they require this data to be synchronized throughout their information system. 

The Nextlane Platform and Mulesoft capabilities serve this specific purpose: facilitating data exchange and updates among software solutions. Nextlane offers a range of assets accessible via Anypoint Exchange.      

With a suite of assets available on Anypoint Exchange, including tailored solutions developed by Nextlane, clients can access a wealth of resources to drive their digital transformation initiatives forward.  

We’re determined to redefine the way the automotive industry approaches digital business, driving efficiency and helping our customers succeed every step of the way. 


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