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  • 23/01/2024

​​Nextlane maximizes leads for the automotive industry with Salesforce​​  

Nextlane MaxLead in Salesforce AppExchange

Press Release

Nextlane’s customers can now benefit from a lead generation system for the automotive sector.

Paris, ​23, January, 2024 – Nextlane announced it has launched ​Nextlane MaxLead for Salesforce​​ on Salesforce AppExchange, a leading enterprise marketplace for partner apps and experts, empowering customers to unleash the power of data for the automotive industry.

A crucial breakthrough for the automotive industry

Nextlane MaxLead ​is​ a breakthrough in data management for the automotive industry. While ​most car​​ manufacturers use Salesforce as their​ ​​​#1​ ​CRM, their dealers generally use lead management systems that are unknown to them, making the exchange of information between the leads generated by manufacturers and the lists of customers and prospects managed by their distribution network extremely complex. This situation ​generates tedious​​ ​double data entry, both in the dealer’s ​DMS​1 or CRM and in the manufacturer’s CRM.

Nextlane simplifies the process with MaxLead

Nextlane MaxLe​ad​​ ​enables efficient and fluid interconnection of dealer data, transmitting it into the manufacturer’s CRM, whether or not it uses a Nextlane product. This simplification is made possible by the performance of the Nextlane Platform.

Nextlane MaxLead is currently available on AppExchange at

Why choose nextlane MaxLead?  

​​By choosing MaxLead, dealers can eliminate double entry, gain operational efficiency and optimize their lead generation processes.​

We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with Salesforce by ​making​ nextlane MaxLead ​available on​ AppExchange. This is a significant step forward for the automotive industry, reducing the barriers to the smooth flow of data between dealers and manufacturers. This development demonstrates Nextlane's ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions and facilitating the digital transformation of the automotive sector," said Lionel Chapurlat, Nextlane's Director of Partnerships.  

Lionel Chapurlat

Director of Partnerships - Nextlane

“​Nextlane MaxLead for Salesforce​ is a welcome addition to AppExchange, as it accelerates business transformation for customers by consolidating all the leads, from the car manufacturers and from the dealers, into a single view available in ​S​alesforce applications,” said ​Alice Steinglass, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Platform, Salesforce.​ 
“AppExchange is constantly evolving to connect customers with the right apps and experts for their business needs.”​

Alice Steinglass

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Platform, Salesforce

About Salesforce AppExchange  

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About Nextlane  

Nextlane is a European leader in automotive retail software solutions. The company’s mission is to empower automotive dealers and car manufacturers to help drive business growth and enhance their customers’ experience through cutting-edge technology. Nextlane offers a comprehensive suite of software products that address various aspects of the automotive retail process, from vehicle inventory management to after-sales workshop management, accounting, and invoicing.