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  • 17/05/2024

Nextlane digitises workshop reception with its new Inspect AfterSales mobile application

Inspect After Sales post

Press Release

Paris, May 2024: Imagine a revolution in automotive workshop management, where artificial intelligence orchestrates every step of your processes to make them as simple as possible. Nextlane is turning this ambitious vision into reality with the launch of Inspect AfterSales, its new mobile application.

With Inspect AfterSales, Nextlane is redefining standards of the industry by introducing an innovative solution to improve the efficiency of car dealerships. But how, you ask?

Inspect AfterSales marks a major step forward in the documentation and management of vehicle condition in the workshop. With features powered by artificial intelligence, the application is able to automatically identify damages on vehicles, providing a valuable tool for technicians and workshop managers.

One of the key features of Inspect AfterSales is its ability to document the condition of vehicles with tangible evidence. Imagine being able to capture high-resolution photos of damage and add them to the initial repair order, providing complete and detailed documentation of vehicle condition. This not only facilitates communication between technicians and customers, but also ensures total transparency throughout the repair process.

The benefits of Inspect After Sales lie mainly in its ease of use. The application makes teams more aware of upselling and helps avoid workshop disputes when inspecting the vehicle.

Olivier Rose Elie, Head of After Sales at the Caillé Group

As well as improving the accuracy of diagnostics, Inspect AfterSales boosts customer confidence in the services offered by car dealerships. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, it is an essential asset for car dealerships looking to stand out in a competitive market.

The app, available on iOS and Android platforms, is set to transform the way car workshops operate. So don’t wait any longer, jump into the future with Nextlane and Inspect AfterSales today!

For more information, download the Inspect After Sales brochure, or contact us.