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  • 02/10/2023

Introducing Nextlane: Shaping the future of automotive solutions

introducting Nextlane

In a quickly evolving digital landscape, where the automotive industry continues to embrace technological advancements and strive for digital excellence, we are proud to announce the birth of NEXTLANE – a European software development leader in providing cutting-edge digital solutions to enable car dealers and OEMs drive their digital business.

Our journey started two years ago when IMAWEB, with a vision to revolutionize the automotive sector, embarked on an ambitious mission to expend its capabilities to anticipate the market’s digital needs. With strategic acquisitions, we assembled a fantastic a set of complementary solutions comprising unique expertise and innovative solutions. Now, as NEXTLANE, we are taking the fast lane, unifying these entities, leveraging their collective strengths to offer reliable and unmatched digital software solutions to our valued clients.

As NEXTLANE, we understand the dynamic challenges faced by car dealers and OEMs in an increasingly connected world. Our rebranding represents a significant milestone in our evolution. It symbolizes our commitment to being at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements as well as our dedication to empower our clients and facilitate the entire automotive customer journey with agility and reliability.

Why Nextlane?

The name Nextlane embodies our forward-thinking approach. We are driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence that propels our clients into the fast lane of success. Our new identity reflects our dedication to bringing the gap between cutting-edge digital solutions and the ever-evolving automotive market.

Nextlane new Brand Identity

Along with our new name, we are thrilled to unveil our new brand identity centred around the captivating purple colour and a 3 gradients lines icon.

This bold and vibrant change represents a significant step forward for the company as it truly embodies our key values and resonates with our clients.

The colour purple chosen intentionally for our brand identity symbolises the essence of Nextlane and the transformative power we bring to the automotive industry. Our purple colour encompasses:

  • Empowerment: Purple is associated with empowerment. We aim to empower car dealers and OEMs to achieve their business goal and make decisions faster, smarter and with more impact. To do so we provide tools, solutions and the capacity to drive their performance above and beyond.
  • Agility: The purple colour implies agility by fostering creativity and stimulating our senses. We believe that agility means connecting people, processes and technologies to establish efficient guidelines, breaking boundaries. We are committed to ensure maximum productivity with minimum constraints.
  • Innovation: Purple is the colour of innovation, the original and the new. We embrace a company culture that encourages creativity, welcomes bold decisions and enables colleagues, customers and partners to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. We focus on the technological advancement of our products and aim to provide solutions that matter.
  • Reliability: Purple brings up a feeling of trust and reliability. We are convinced that reliability is fundamental to create that confidence we want our customers and partners to have when trusting us. Our circle of trust is based on transparency, accountability, equity and highest quality.

The lanes icon symbolises the fast lane and the road toward a common goal. The blur conveys both the fast-evolving automotive industry and the continuous performance improvement of our clients while using our tools. The three lines represent our three main solutions DMS, DDS and DOS.

We have chosen to add secondary colours as visual landmarks to showcase those three main solutions: blue for Dealer Management System (DMS), yellow for Digital Dealership Solutions (DDS) and pink for Digital OEM Solutions (DOS).

Nextlane Solutions

Nextlane Platform

Leveraging our experience in the automotive industry, we have built a one-of-a-kind digital IT platform, Nextlane Platform, to integrate all IT solutions with the system in use by the manufacturers and dealers, enabling digital excellence in a reliable digital ecosystem.

The Nextlane Platform is the cornerstone of Nextlane business.

Our software platform enables integration with many automotive services like DMS, CRM, and business intelligence modules. It provides our clients integrated end-to-end solutions that digitize and simplify the entire automotive customer journey.

Our Brand story

At Nextlane we believe that the automotive industry has reach a digital era where cutting edge IT software solutions are essential to empower businesses to thrive. We envision a future where every car dealer and OEM can effortlessly drive their business with interconnected solutions, unlocking endless possibilities and achieving unprecedented growth.

Our core values – Empowerment, Agility, Innovation and Reliability – guide us on this transformative journey. We bring together a diverse team of industry experts, tech enthusiasts and creative minds who share a common passion for shaping the future of automotive solutions.

As Nextlane, we are committed to delivering end-to-end digital solutions that empower our clients to elevate their businesses. From cutting-edge Dealer Management System (DMS) to Digital Dealership Solutions (DDS) and Digital OEM Solutions (DOS), our suite of offerings enables car dealers and OEMs to optimize their operations, streamline processes and enhance customer experiences.

Our Nextlane Platform, is the cornerstone of Nextlane. This high-end automotive open integration platform smartly connects Dealer Management Systems to OEMs and third-party solutions. With Nextlane Platform, our clients can stay ahead of the competition, experience the power of digital transformation and simplify the whole automotive customer journey.

Join us on this exciting journey as we are shaping the automotive industry together. Together we will create a new era of possibilities, where Nextlane is enabling you to “Drive your business”.

Take the fast lane and meet Nextlane!