Management Expertise

Get the most out of your information system:
Digital, CRM, DMS, BI, Finances to improve Customer Service and your profitability.

The strengths of the Nextlane expertise

Goal = Your Profitability

Personalized diagnosis and advice

Given by automotive dealership experts

Sectors of Intervention

Process and use

Based on your growth and performance targets, we work together to define a plan for the evolution of your processes and organisation.
This is based on a diagnosis established by analysing data such as your support tickets, inventory movements of vehicles and spare parts, quality of customer data, margins, intra-group processes…
This analysis is supplemented by interviews.
The optimization of software use by your users in the dealership, and a more complete use of the features is carried out at the same time as the evolution of your procedures.

Managing the dealership

The only way to verify that the progress plan is working is to define:
• The tracking indicators that will allow us to observe them,
• The collection and veracity of the data needed to calculate these indicators.

The implementation of regular reviews and the associated continuous improvement plan will ensure that the goals are met.


Human behaviour must be taken into consideration if the reasons behind changes made are to be understood.

Managers play an important role in managing these changes; this is why we stand ready to accompany them in this process by helping them to formalize and explain the procedures, and by monitoring their implementation.

Quality and analysis of customer data

The quality of your customer data determines the relevance of your marketing operations, especially your digital campaigns on the Internet and social networks.
It is important to bear in mind that the relevance of these campaigns lies in your ability to offer vehicles or services adapted to your customer’s situation.
Thus, you need to have accurate customer data pertaining to: contact details, situation and profile, vehicle(s), sales and after-sales history.
We can help you with this process, doing so in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How are we involved?

Manager seminars

Seminars can be organized within your Group or can bring together Managers from several Groups.
The purpose is to make Managers aware of their potential for improvement and to show them how they might exploit that potential.
Sharing and exchanges relating to automotive market trends, technological developments, change management and the implementation of dashboards.
We share real-life success stories from some of our customers.

Accompaniment contract

This involves defining a complete and personalized progress plan in relation to the goals you have set yourself.
This plan is rolled out over time, and the progress (i.e., extent to which a goal is being reached) is regularly assessed.
This generally includes: diagnosis and audit of use leading to an action plan, implementation of unused features with configuration and training, definition and implementation of personalised reporting, development and formalisation of new procedures, possible harmonisation at Group level, support for managers and stakeholders.