IMAWEB unveils Nextlane, its integration system for the automotive industry

Évolutions réglementaires, expansion du secteur du véhicule électrique, essor du modèle de vente omnicanal, internationalisation : le monde de la distribution automobile est en profonde mutation. Ces évolutions conduisent à la mise en place de multiples solutions qui doivent s’intégrer et communiquer avec les DMS et CRM utilisés par les concessionnaires.

Launched in 2021 by Imaweb, Nextlane facilitates the interconnection of the various systems and applications a dealership requires in order to run correctly. This system, specially developed for distributors and automotive constructors, enables them to better satisfy customer expectations by accelerating the deployment of their customer journey digital transformation projects.

In particular, it enables multi-brand dealerships to connect to manufacturers’ information systems and access company data in a reliable, controlled manner with defined interfaces for seamless interoperation. The system operates in SaaS mode or via servers hosted directly by the customer. 

Nextlane: an open, standardised integration system

Today, Nextlane is taking a step forward: the solution already in use by Imaweb to integrate all its solutions is being opened up to enable dealerships and manufacturers to use its APIs to connect third-party applications with their DMSs and CRMs.

Developed on Microsoft Azure, this new version connects dealer management systems to OEM and third-party solutions, using modern technology and open APIs accessible to dealerships, OEMs and partners.

“When automakers and their dealer networks use multiple DMSs and CRMs, and also increasingly third-party solutions that need to be integrated into their systems, developing interfaces for each application is no longer a viable option. Nextlane provides an efficient solution, enabling connection to all applications in the Imaweb ecosystem via one single interface.” explains Stephane Hetu.

Features developed to optimise integration

One of our goals with Nextlane is to simplify the deployment of new interfaces by making them available in the cloud, without requiring a DMS or CRM update. Another benefit from adopting Nextlane is the standardisation of the technology used to implement the interfaces,” Stephane Hetu continues

With a wide range of open, documented APIs, Nextlane removes the growing complexity that hinders projects for integrating digital solutions with car manufacturers’ systems:

  • Excessively long time to market owing to the proliferation of OEM and third-party interfaces requiring connection to DMSs.

  • Complexity of integration due to complicated real-time access to DMS data (need for direct access to the dealer infrastructure)

  • Roll-out of new interfaces complicated by the fact that dealerships are increasingly multi-brand and multisite.

About Imaweb

The Imaweb group is one of the European leaders in the development of software systems for automotive distribution. Operating in 11 countries in Continental Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania) and with more than 800 employees, Imaweb offers innovative solutions to accelerate the transformation and the digitization of the entire profession.

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