How to choose your dealer management system?

How to choose your dealer management system ?

With Nextlane’s Dealer Management Systems (DMS), dealers across Europe can streamline operations, manage inventory, and increase sales of new and used cars. We work in partnership with most automotive manufacturers to ensure that our DMS interface with their solutions to help dealers rapidly deploy new OEM services.
Our DMS software offers a wide range of functionalities, enabling the management and optimization of all dealership’s business processes, from inventory management to after-sales workshop management, accounting, and invoicing.

Choose your DMS


Dealership Inventory

This functionality is critical to enable easy tracking of new vehicles arriving at the dealership and ensure up-to-date information on vehicle stock levels. With seamless integration between departments, stock anagement modules help coordinate various processes such as purchase order creation, vehicle check-in records, floor planning assistance, and effective reordering strategies.

With our Remarketing solution, you can enrich vehicle inventory with photos, videos, and 360° to boost your online sales with high-quality ads. 

Boost Vehicle Sales

In an ever more competitive environment, dealerships must manage their sales operations by automating processes such as customer tracking, marketing campaigns or sales reporting. This functionality captures both vehicle and service sales data to provide insights into customer preferences, seasonal trends, and track performance. This module encompasses quote generation for potential buyers, incentive programs from OEMs, and delivers accurate sales reports in real time. Dealers can connect a CRM solution such as CRM360 to drive their entire sales process with even greater finesse or use our Lead Generation application to increase their sales pipeline.

Streamline Customer Management

This functionality helps you manage all your customers’ interactions, track their preferences, and develop personalized marketing campaigns targeting specific customers. It helps dealerships to build long-term relationships with their customers and enhance their overall experience with the dealership. Monitoring customer satisfaction is critical to increasing sales and improving customer loyalty. With Garage Score and our Customer Satisfaction solution, dealerships evaluate and understand the key levers to improve their customer satisfaction.

Improve Dealer Workshop efficiency

Workshop management functionality automates service processes by streamlining appointment scheduling, job order creation, technician allocation, and task assignment. Time-tracking tools further optimize workshop efficiency by allowing managers to track jobs’ progress in real- time. This feature improves coordination between departments such as the service desk and workshop floor while ensuring excellent service for increased customer satisfaction. 

Manage Automotive Spare Parts

Spare parts management allows dealerships to optimize inventory levels, track parts availability, define pricing strategies, and coordinate with suppliers for efficient procurement. This ensures that your dealership has the right amount of stock for routine maintenance or unforeseen repairs. A well-integrated DMS will notify your team when stock levels are low so that you can reorder in time to avoid potential delays in servicing customer vehicles.

Get insights with Reporting & Analytics

To help dealership managers track the performance of their operations, and make data-driven decisions, our DMSs provide powerful and easy-to- use reporting and analytic systems. With this system, dealers can access real-time data on their inventory, sales, customer behavior, financial performance, and other critical metrics to identify trends and make informed decisions. Dealer Management Systems analytics capability can be enhanced using BI360, our Business Intelligence solution. Specifically designed to meet dealers’ needs this solution can be immediately deployed and ready to use. It enables all your managers to share the same figures and quickly see the results of their actions.
BI360 Nextlane

Automate and streamline
your DMS Finance & Accounting

NEXTLANE DMSs help manage all your dealership financial transactions, generate invoices, process payments, and reconcile their accounts. This functionality helps to optimize cash flow and reduce the risk of errors in the accounting processes.
To further improve your dealership’s operational efficiency, reduce cost and save time, you can fully digitalize 100% of your invoices and contract signatures using our Digital Invoice and Digital Signature solution. They are fully integrated with your DMS finance and accounting processes.

Integrate your solutions
with OEM Software Connectors

OEM connectors play a crucial role in enhancing communication between
car dealers and vehicle manufacturers. These connectors facilitate
seamless integration with manufacturer data for real-time access to parts
catalog updates, vehicle model descriptions, and stock inventory. This
integration allows dealerships to provide timely and accurate customer
services while maintaining compliance with brand standards .

Nextlane provides the largest connectors’ catalog of on the market, and
with Nextlane our open integration platform you can easily connect all
your solutions with your DMS or your CRM.

Choose the right solution for your country,
and the brands of your group.


Country: France, Spain, Portugal, Benelux, Germany.
Brands: Presence in the main brands of the market.


Country: France, Spain, Portugal, BeNeLux, Italy, Romania, Morocco, Turkey.
Brands: all except Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Citroën.


Country: Germany.
Brands: Most of the brands except Mercedes, Porsche, Stellantis and Volvo


Country: Austria, Switzerland
Brands: All of them except Porsche and Ferrari


Country: Switzerland.
Brands:Audi, Porsche, Sea, Skoda